Ascog Farm covers 150 acres (approximately 60 hectares) of hilly ground on the Isle of Bute, Scotland.

Around 110 acres of the land is down to permanent pasture, the remaining 40 acres comprising rough grazing.

Planning permission for a 250kW solar photovoltaic array was granted in 2014.

Soon our sheep will be grazing beneath some 980 solar panels as the powerful Scottish sun beats down upon them.

Sadly, the beasts will not be able to graze under any wind turbines as - despite the excellent potential for wind energy on Bute - our planning application for three wind turbines was rejected at appeal purely on the basis of visual impact.

The farm land is grazed all year by a small herd of Shorthorn cross cattle (with suckler calves at foot) together with flocks of Texel, Shetland and Hebridean sheep.
Quality Scotch Beef Protected Geographical Indication Quality Scotch Lamb
Ascog's cattle and sheep are registered with Quality Meat Scotland (Membership number 016276) to assure quality, character and traceability.

In the Summer Ascog Farm takes on grazing cattle from neighbouring farms and, later in the year, over-Wintering hogs from the hill ground in Argyll.

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