01.02.2013 - Argyll & Bute budget cuts put jobs under fire

Hot on the heels of news that Bute harbours two of the most multiply-deprived areas in Scotland comes word that Argyll & Bute Council is to make swingeing budget cuts in a move which is bound to affect employment. The Council is one of the biggest employers on Bute.

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Whilst the budget and jobs outlook for Council employees will be somewhat worrying the Council's Development Officer encourages us to 'look within'

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We are proud to be making local efforts to boost Bute's economy ourselves. Harnessing the strong winds which blow over Ascog Farm to turn them into electricity would offer a means through which the farm could diversify and ensure its survival, the community would benefit without any up-front costs (and could benefit more if it invested in the project) and - through our partners Towards Zero Carbon Bute - local jobs could be supported over a twenty year timescale.

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Of course, none of this is a certainty and it will depend upon planning permission for decent-sized turbines (the bigger they are the more power they make) being granted.

If the project does get off the ground we look forward to the contribution we could make - not only in generating clean, green electricity - but in helping to reinvigorate Bute's local economy through further investment in the farm and more widely through the TZCB-administered community investment fund.