01.02.2012 - Less than Beautiful Bute?

The very thought of wind turbines usually has people writing to the paper to complain about visual affects and the death of tourism.

Bute is sold as Beautiful Bute and in many places, and many ways, it is. However, not everything in the garden is rosey...

The old Royal Hotel on the front is derelict

Rothesay's famous 'gap site' greets visitors off the boat

The (Listed) Rothesay Academy building is vacant and becoming derelict

The older school building is also in a poor state

The Creamery shut in 2010 with the loss of around 19 jobs

All boarded up now, the Island's 13 dairy farms send milk to Campbeltown 126 miles away!

On the Bute Estate Lochend Farm lies empty

As does Ambrismore Farm

And Meikle Kilmory Farm

And Galachan Farm

And Quohog Farm

St.Blane's hotel (once a nice spot for a beer) seems to be having problems

Behind the Hill of Ascog lie the sewage works...

And the waterworks. An entirely rural or part-light-industrial scene?

From Kilchattan Bay the big turbines at Dalry can just be seen in the sunlight.

Will the sight of three smaller turbines from Wemyss Bay really put travellers off from visiting Bute?