04.01.2012 - Lights out over Bute

Following a severe storm overnight of 02.01.2012 it's a case of "Pass the candles, the lights are oot!" as the whole of Bute is plunged into darkness.

Luckily enough we're off the Island but can imagine how it might have looked.

How it might have looked

Wind turbines, of course, would have shut down during a storm so wouldn't have helped to keep the lights on. Not, unless, they were also plugged into an Uninterruptable Power Supply.

However, as part of our request to Scottish and Southern Energy for a grid connection study we raise the issue that a more reliable supply for the whole of Bute a) might not be a bad thing and b) could help when it comes to plugging turbines in.

Hopefully Argyll & Bute Council will also suggest that the Island should have a little light grid reinforcement.