26.01.2012 - Meteorological mast Day Three

Another early start and up the hill for first light on the day that DEFRA published the first report on UK climate impact. There are both threats (e.g. increased flooding) and opportunities (e.g. increased grain yields) it seems, but certainly it looks like we are in for change ahead...

Most of the preparations for the final lift were completed yesterday evening thanks to our friends from Chillwind supported by ever-helpful local contractor Iain 'Bomber' Reid.

However, wind direction was changeable so there was quite a lot of hanging around in windy and particularly cold weather waiting for the correct conditions.

The anemometers have been fitted and can be seen here spinning

The lift starts, Dougal's attention is mainly on his stick

The Land Rover is winching again, knock up the revs 'Bomber' that thing is heavy!

Up she comes...

And up, with another quick check of everything...

And up...

Side on it's clear to see how the gib lifts the mast

Getting there

Gib coming down

Nice bubble!

Lift Off! Nice and straight!

So there we have it. Like it or loathe it it's up. Expecting a few more letters in the local paper imminently.

Now we can accurately measure the wind strength at Ascog Farm.