21.12.2012 - Not for the first time have planners expressed 'concern' over Ascog wind farm

Somewhat over a year ago, several months before our planning application for a 50m high meteorological mast at Ascog Farm was approved, planners in Argyll & Bute Council noted an 'avalanche of concern' regarding the proposals.

Those who've been following the story since then won't be surprised to learn that The Buteman reports that planners have yet more 'concerns' about the proposal for 3 community benefit wind turbines at Ascog Farm.

©The Buteman

The article this week is a fuller report of last week's events in which it became apparent that Scottish Natural Heritage advise Argyll & Bute Council against acceptance of the scheme on visual grounds alone.

So far, excepting Bute Community Council, SNH are the only statutory consultee to voice any form of 'objection' to the proposals.

Following receipt of the SNH statutory consultation Argyll & Bute Council did write to us asking whether we would withdraw the planning application, or whether we would furnish more material and continue.

We will take the latter course.