08.10.2012 - The calm before the storm...

Since our last batch of letters from neighbours were received about two months ago the Letters pages of The Buteman have been remarkably quiet on the subject of onshore wind energy generation.

Whether local opponents of renewable energy are keeping their powder dry - or whether we have been keeping our own powder dry - is, one might suppose, a moot point.

However, we're expecting all that to change shortly! The planning application for 3 wind turbines and ancillary equipment at Ascog Farm, Isle of Bute has now been lodged.

Once Argyll & Bute Council have validated everything these pages will include links to the Council's planning portal together with links to all of the documents which accompany the planning application.

A big 'Thank You' goes out to everyone at the Scottish Agricultural College, Community Energy Scotland, Towards Zero Carbon Bute and all those others who have contributed to the production of the Environmental Impact and Planning assessments.

Whilst the detailed studies and the compilation of the various reports have taken some time it is worth pausing to consider the potential for renewables at Ascog Farm set against the wider backdrop of national and global events.

With all the news that has come in over the past couple of months has there ever been a more apposite time to consider the role of renewables in modern energy production systems? Vive la révolution! Preferably at wind speeds in excess of 7m/s!