04.05.2012 - Trumpety Trumpety Trump

Mr John Hogarth is concerned that three small wind turbines at Ardbeg Farm, Bute will have a detrimental effect on tourism as he writes to the Buteman this week.

For us at Ascog Farm it is the first (or perhaps second) spotting of the 'wisdom of Trump', apeing the opinions of the billionaire property developer (the irony!) who has his own concerns about offshore wind turbines near his golf development in Aberdeenshire, and who gave a rather perplexing appearance in front of MSPs at Holyrood at the end of April 2012.

Trump, who appears to be on a crusade to kill off renewable wind energy, seemingly against public opinion, now appears to be supporting - reportedly to the tune of £10 million - Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS) whose website is awash with Trump adoration.

When a planning application for wind energy at Ascog Farm is lodged, or perhaps before, we expect the small but vociferous band of local objectors to tap into Trump's money using their CATS contacts to fund their 'anti' campaign in an effort to scare others into opposing the plans. It's all very predictable.

Trump is a controversal figure and, as the movie You've been Trumped (snippet below) suggests, perhaps not the greatest poster boy for pro-environmental concerns.

We can hardly wait for 'the fur' to fly, and recommend a quick debunking of The Top Myths About Wind Energy before the fusilade of misinformation - and probable personal abuse - begins.

sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt