05.01.2013 - 'Up close and personal at Ascog turbine site'

In particularly wet - and extremely windy - conditions an intrepid bunch of explorers (including the Editor of The Buteman) were guided around Ascog Farm on 20.12.2012 by Reeni Kennedy-Boyle of Towards Zero Carbon Bute.

The idea of the event - trailed on Bute FM - and to have included a group of up to a dozen or so, was to illustrate the potential setting for turbines and to explain the community benefits that could arise from having a successful wind energy project on Bute.

©The Buteman

Those who braved the weather learnt how TZCB plans to use income from the project in a Community Investment Plan 'aimed at generating employment opportunities and improving quality of life while maintaining the organisation's commitment to the environment.'

Separately, and encouragingly, Historic Scotland became the latest statutory consultee to voice no objections towards the planning application.

Responsible for analysing the potential effect of the proposals on Listed Buildings including Rothesay Castle, Mount Stuart and Balmory Hall, Historic Scotland concluded that the proposed turbines would have little or no impact and none large enough to cause them to object to the plans.