06.01.2012 - Why not use a Green Energy provider, just not one on Bute?

Published as strong winds lashed Bute two more letters in The Buteman worry that 'Turbines will keep tourists away' and question whether Towards Zero Carbon Bute's recent assertion that a large proportion of the people they interviewed support wind turbines is 'A responsible view?'

These letters were so lengthy that they could hardly fit on the scanner! Our best efforts are presented below.

©The Buteman

There's nothing wrong with the idea of using multiple sources of renewable energy but it seems a bit churlish to use 'imported' green energy when there's such great potential for generating wind energy on Bute.

Anyway, let's hope that one way or another something - large or small - gets off the ground. Study of pre-history has shown us that the world's climate tends to make dramatic and unpredicatable 'step-changes'.

The Straad (sand spit) on Bute. A candidate for inundation if the West Antarctic ice shelf lets go?

It may not happen in our lifetimes but perhaps one day Mr Mitchell's and Mr Falconer's sea side homes could feel a little wetter.