06.01.2012 - Bute in the news

Following the severe storm which led to a power outage and significant damage across Bute the Island itself is now in the news as it faces yet another day without electricity.

It's yet to be seen whether national coverage of Bute on the BBC Ten O'Clock News as a place where the lights go out for days on end, boats don't run and soup kitchens pop up will have any effect on the tourist trade.

Let's hope not, but it's certainly not the best advertisement.


When everything is working it's still a great place to visit of course. So ignore the once in a hundred year event and Come and Visit Bute.

While the clear-up is on we hope that all who have suffered damage and inconvenience from the storm quickly get back to normal.

We also hope that the electricity grid to Bute is strengthened and that those around us have a clear understanding of just how windy it is on Bute not just in a storm but at most times of year.