03.08.2012 - Love thy neighbour?

There's an interesting article in The Buteman this week pointing out that a small number of Ascog residents are objecting to many new developments both on and around Bute.

Over near Toward Point the local farmer wants to install a single 225kW wind turbine, presumably to generate some power either to offset the cost of operations or to try and bring some money in during what has been a perilous time for farming of late.

Guess what?! Even though they won't see the turbine from their homes the 'usual suspects' from the Ascog-led anti-wind brigade are trying to flood Argyll & Bute Council with objections!

One objector, 'local' man John Thomas who bought Balmory Hall 8 March 2010 stated in his objection that 'We are all mindful of the need for green energy but... the height of the proposed turbine means that it would be visible from Rothesay [such that] hundreds of families and businesses would have a very clear view of this industrial, kinetic structure, as well as every potential visitor.'

Sounds like a case of NIMBYism gone mad...

©The Buteman

Elsewhere in this weeks paper there are two peculiar letters that really speak (if they can be understood) for themselves.

©The Buteman

Mr Ronnie Falconer of Hawkstone Lodge (purchased 10 April 2008) is correct to alert everyone to the presence of geese around Loch Ascog, and even includes a photograph.

©The Buteman

Unfortunately, the picture is taken at the other end of the Loch where the geese mainly congregate.

The scientific study of bird (and bat... and otter...) ecology is detailed at great length in the Environmental Impact Assessment into the wind energy project at Ascog Farm.

This document will be released shortly and will prove substantially more informative than Mr Falconer's picture.