20.01.2012 - Sense and Non-sense?

The lights have been out recently on Bute following severe winds and the letters to The Buteman keep on coming.

This week it seems to be a case of 'sense' and 'non-sense' as the seemingly eternal debate over wind turbines rages.

©The Buteman

The letters are getting hard to fit on the scanner so there might be a bit of truncation this week. More so on the non-sense letter thankfully.

Certainly, a few turbines have broken and one or two have even caught fire.

The burnt out turbine at Ardrossan wind farm, Dalry. Result: Some amusing YouTube footage.

However, the basement of Dungeness nuclear power station in Kent has flooded several times despite the shingle beach in front of it being constantly rebuilt, and Torness nuclear plant had to shut down unexpectedly recently when its cooling inlets were blocked by tonnes of jellyfish.

The burnt out reactor building at Fukushima, Japan. Result: Dangerous radioactivity and extensive exclusion zone

Anyone remember Japan? Nuclear plant. Foreseen natural disaster unanticipated in scale? World's most technogologically advanced country? 90km radius exclusion zones. Turbine on fire? We know which of these events we would rather worry about!

Back in the real world the potential of wind energy at Ascog and/or on Bute appears to have been recognised by a large percentage of respondents to an (albeit small) opinion poll.