29.03.2012 - Ardbeg Farm turbines are installed

Whilst the Environmental Impact Assessment for wind power at Ascog Farm nears completion our friends at Ardbeg Farm, Bute, have successfully installed their three C&F wind turbines.

©The Buteman

Apparently some local residents were rather surprised that the turbines were up, having not spotted any of the planning notices printed months ago in local paper The Buteman. One was heard to ask 'who to complain to' although the Facebook poll for ButeFM suggests that most people (115 plays 13 - or 90% - as at 11.04.2012) were in favour of the development.

©ButeFM on Facebook

Congratulations to local farming couple Jim and Janet for taking the project through planning successfully and making the installation.

Hopefully larger turbines at Ascog Farm will be next through planning slightly later this year!